"I don't really think in terms of obstacles.

My biggest obstacle is always myself." - Steve Earle

The obstacles that stand between you and a successful business probably have nothing to do with talent, money, or luck. 

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Self-Understanding Brings Freedom to Be Your Best

"Bonnie's insight helped me take a fuzzy uncomfortable feeling and give it concrete, tangible edges so I could understand it. This has helped me catch myself in the act of self-doubt and gives me more freedom to do my best work."

- Terra Soma, Founder, Soma Collaborations

Approachable, Understandable

"I would recommend Bonnie's courses to anyone who wants a highly qualified professional who is very approachable and can relay information in a way that anyone can understand."

- Launa Olson, ‚ÄčLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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